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Masthead / Impressum

my photo Responsible:
Frank Boller
Hemmingen, Germany

E-Mail: 121@FBoller.de

The World Exhibition EXPO 2000 happened in Hanover/Germany from June, 1st until October, 31th 2000.

This photo gallery is dedicated to all my friends in France, Romania, Brasil and Germany which were not able to visit the EXPO in Hanover.

Some words about the Exhibition:

The EXPO was absolutely fabulous, exciting, interesting, informativ - just a great adventure for every visitor. I haven't heard anything bad from the visitors (and I know many of them). Everyone enjoyed the visit(s) and planned to come back (me too). But now - it's over ... and there are only memories and lot of pictures ...

This EXPO-Webpage is just a photo gallery - nothing else. There are other pages on the web which subscribe much more the contents, for example the (german) page of Reinhard F. Luszcz.

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